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Countertenor Andrew Hallock studied Composition at the University of Texas where he graduated 2002. Initially singing as bass in a number of local choirs his growing passion for early vocal music led him to the Netherlands, to study voice at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Under the guidance of teachers Lenie van den Heuvel, Rita Dams, Michael Chance, Peter Kooij and Jill Feldman, Andrew graduated in with a degree in Early Music Singing in 2009. Andrew has been working as a singer ever since.

In 2011 he made his solo debut in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw with Bach’s Matthäus Passion. As a soloist he is regularly engaged to the passions of J.S. Bach, and the cantatas throughout the year. He has performed in the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, the Salzburger Festspiele, Tage Alter Musik Regensburg the Festival d’Ambronay, Festival Oudemuziek Utrecht, Laus Polyphoniae Antwerp, Berkeley Early Music Festival, Music Before 1800 New York among others.

Since 2010, Andrew has been a regular member of the Dutch ensemble Cappella Pratensis, appearing almost 200 times on stage with them, and has made numerous concert tours in the US, France, Germany, Portugal and, of course, Belgium and the Netherlands. He has performed with ensembles il Gardellino (BE), English Voices (UK), Ensemble Diskantores (NL), Bach Choir and Orchestra of the Netherlands (NL), Musiche Varie (DE), Vox Luminis (BE), Musica Fiata (DE), il Cuore Barocco (SK), graindelavoix (BE), Club Médieval (BE) and Sollazzo Ensemble (CH).

In addition to his singing career, Andrew is also involved in the world of the cornetto – a 17th Century wind instrument. He is active as a player, maker. He is also interested in techniques of historical improvisation. In his spare time, Andrew can be found hanging out in his kitchen, improvising midnight snacks and other delights. He is interested in traditional techniques, sound and video editing, and the subtile art of communicating these things to a contemporary audience.

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Andrew has been an instrument-maker since 2010, when he started crafting cornetti, mouthpieces and other related items in his little workshop in the Hague. His instruments tour the European early music festivals, and market places can be found yearly in Boston Early Music Festival, Berkeley Early Music Festival, Resonanzen Vienna, and a few others as time permits. He studied cornett with Marleen Leicher (BE) and Gebhard David (DE), and studied instrument-making with Paul Beekhuizen (NL). Andrew is currently active as a player, maker, and researcher, attending conferences, exhibitions, lectures, and marketplaces, and his instruments appear frequently on stage and in recordings. He organizes and plays in projects for the ensemble Copper & Zink, along side its co-founder Nicholas Emmerson.

Andrew is also active as a singer, balancing his time between making, performing, and teaching. In 2016 Andrew and colleague Sam Goble started a new course aptly titled “make your own cornetto”, where participants craft a treble cornetto from scratch in 4 days according to original measurements. Andrew’s work is inspired by historical techniques and the masterful work of the original makers.


As a teacher Andrew has given lectures for the Komenius University in Bratislava 2016 and for the Musica Antiqua Early Brass Course in Virginia 2017. He has coached vocal ensembles for Alamire Foundation 2016, and Stichting Koorprojecten Rotterdam 2018. Every August Andrew teaches in the Cappella Pratensis Summer School in Antwerp, BE – a one-week course in singing directly from the old notation. Occasionally this course involves instruments too. He also teaches a yearly course in instrument-making with cornettist Sam Goble, aptly titled “make your own cornetto”. He is focused on traditional techniques, and promoting a general literacy of craft and aesthetic.


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