I’ve been making musical instruments since 2010, when I started crafting cornettos, mouthpieces and other related items in my little workshop in the Hague. My instruments tour the European early music festivals, and market places can be found yearly in Boston Early Music Festival, Berkeley Early Music Festival, Resonanzen Vienna, and a few others as time permits. I studied cornett with Marleen Leicher (BE) and Gebhard David (DE), and studied instrument-making with Paul Beekhuizen (NL). My work is inspired by the masterful skill of the original makers; I’m particularly focused on traditional techniques, and promoting a general literacy of craft and aesthetic. I’m active as a player, maker, and researcher, attending conferences, exhibitions, lectures, and marketplaces, and his instruments appear frequently on stage and in recordings. I organize and play in projects for the ensemble Copper & Zink, along side its co-founder Nicholas Emmerson.