Andrew Hallock is a Netherlands-based vocalist. As a specialist in 16th century style, repertoire and technique Andrew is on the road a large portion of the year working as performer, educator, and independent researcher. He’s a core member of the Dutch polyphony ensemble Cappella Pratensis and of the Belgian art-ensemble graindelavoix and has recorded a number of award-winding albums with both groups. In addition to his singing career, Andrew is also involved in the world of the cornetto, working as both as a player and a maker. He draws on a wide base of interests to inform every facet of his practice; of particular importance are topics related to historically-informed craft and instrument making, techniques of polyphonic improvisation, experimental archeology, vocal acoustics, metaphysics and the history & philosophy of science. He holds degrees in music composition from the University of Texas at Austin and in vocal performance from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands.