Instrument – “Reviving the lisard”. In his Syntagma Musicum 1619, Praetorius recommends that we stay away from the tenor cornett, opting for the alto trombone instead… well that’s all the reason I need! Spring 2024

Accessory – “double-sided music stand with optional partbook holders”. Supports a A3+ choirbook and also 4 partbooks for playing instrumental consort music. Summer 2023

Workshop – “the story of the cadence”. An hour-long interactive singalong session, detailing how we got from the “clausula vera” to the tonal cadence. Summer 2023

Lecture – “Building a multiverse with 16th century technology”, a 40-minute presentation on “immersion” at the NOWNET ARTS CONFERENCE 2023 – October 30 – November 5

Essay – “Anything goes” an op-ed piece about the variety of unspoken values and assumptions in the Early Music marketplace. Fall 2023

Article – “The semiotics of mi and fa” A reexamination of the historical solmization qualities (mi=hard / fa=soft) through the lens of semiotics and sound symbolism. Fall 2024

Essay – “The imperfect perfect fifth”. Much of the popular discussion about just intonation is still framed by the limitations of keyboard-oriented theories. There’s a missing perspective from acoustical science, one that redefines what we mean by dissonance. Spring 2024

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