countertenor – cornetti


Throughout the year it is my pleasure to teach in several courses, and give presentations on a variety of topics:


Cappella Pratensis Summerschool

  • Aug 20-26, 2018

In the wonderfully historic city of Antwerp there is a week-long workshop where you can learn to sing Renaissance music from the original notation! This takes place during the early music festival ‘Laus Polyphoniae’ every August. The workshop culminates in a concert where all the groups present their pieces led by myself and my co-tutors: Stratton Bull and Pieter Stas. For more information -


Cornett Making Workshops

Make your own cornetto from scratch in only four days at these workshops tutored by Sam Goble and Andrew Hallock.


Lectures / Presentations

  • “Playing the text” delivered at Brass Antiqua 2017 (Aug 1-5, 2017 Winchester Virginia). An interactive presentation aimed at historic brass players who wish to play vocal music. length = 1 hour
  • “Tuning wind instruments” delivered at the university of Bratislva (May 2016). A glimpse into the thought process during woodwind construction. Touches on temperament, historical tools, flexible pitch. length = 2 hours
  • “Making a Cornetto, a demonstration of historic techniques” delivered at Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015