countertenor – craftsman


Throughout the year it is my pleasure to teach in several courses, and give presentations on a variety of topics:

Cappella Pratensis Summerschool

  • Aug 19-25, 2019 topic: Mary of Burgundy
  • Aug 20-26, 2018 topic: Cambrai Cathedral
  • Aug 21-27, 2017

In the wonderfully historic city of Antwerp there is a week-long workshop where you can learn to perform Renaissance polyphony directly from the original notation! This takes place during the early music festival ‘Laus Polyphoniae’ every August. The workshop culminates in a concert where all the groups present their pieces led by myself and my co-tutors: Stratton Bull and Pieter Stas. For more information –

Polyphony workshops at Klausenhof Academy, Germany

Every year at the beginning of the Karneval season, I teach in a weekend course in ensemble singing / playing, alongside the multi-instrumentalist Martin Lubenow.

  • Feb 21-24, 2020 topic: Iberian polyphony
  • Mar 1-4, 2019
  • Feb 9-12, 2018 topic: Pierre de la Rue 500

Cornett Making Workshops

Make your own cornetto from scratch in only four days at these workshops tutored by Sam Goble and Andrew Hallock.

Lectures / Presentations

  • “Playing the text” delivered at Brass Antiqua 2017 (Aug 1-5, 2017 Winchester Virginia). An interactive presentation aimed at historic brass players who wish to play vocal music. length = 1 hour
  • “Tuning wind instruments” delivered at the university of Bratislva (May 2016). A glimpse into the thought process during woodwind construction. Touches on temperament, historical tools, flexible pitch. length = 2 hours
  • “Making a Cornetto, a demonstration of historic techniques” delivered at Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015