Collegium of One

Music videos and live performance with projection art, Collegium of One is a solo show about ensemble music. Premiers 2023

Reviving the Tenor Cornett

A personal project to spotlight this oft-neglected part of the cornetto consort, the tenor or lysard. A sound somewhere between cornett and trombone, hated by Michael Praetorius… well that’s good enough for me!

Online educational platform

I’m involved in the creation of a practical and interactive curriculum for Cappella Pratensis, drawn directly from the original pedagogical sources around the turn of the 16th century. Premiers 2023

Leuven Chansonnier

A multi-year project with the Sollazzo Ensemble, to record the recently discovered late 15th century Leuven songbook, including 12 premiers.

The Den Bosch Choirbooks

A 5-year project with the ensemble Cappella Pratensis to record music from the famous 16th century Choirbooks.

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